Elder Abuse - Community Care & Acute Care Professionals

Managerial Training and Staff Training

Tackling Elder Abuse Issues


Managerial training covers the big-picture issues:

  • Definitions of abuse, types of abuse, real examples from the community setting.
  • Victimisation and Abuser types and behaviours.
  • Causative factors and Undue Influence.
  • Legal Issues - Criminal statutes, enforcement, prosecution as well as Civil including the Tribunal, guardianship, financial administration, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney, intervention orders, etc.
  • Reporting mechanisms - lack of systems, liability issues for the agency.
  • Media concerns, policy preparation, documentation of cases, liaison with other agencies.
  • Duty of care issues and prevention of abuse.

Staff training for Carers covers the following:

  • Definitions of elder abuse with real-life examples from Community Care settings.
  • Indicators of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, etc.
  • Causative factors of abuse in community settings behind closed doors.
  • Victimisation and Abuser types and behaviours.
  • Reporting mechanisms, documentation, duty of care.
Training Considerations:
  • Sessions for community care agency management are usually in half-day workshops.
  • Staff sessions for carers are done in 2-hour training blocks to accommodate your schedules and availability.
  • There are no maximum numbers on attendees.
  • A training package is given to each attendee.
  • My requirements as a trainer are simple:  a whiteboard and DVD player.
  • All training to staff and managers is very interactive, composed of real stories, not dot-point presentation.   Media reports and actual incidents are utilised.
  • Please refer to my biography for information on my background and credentials.   I have trained community care, acute care, residential care staff and managers throughout Australia since 2001, as well as specialised groups in disability, mental health, pastoral care, counsellors, volunteers, law enforcement, etc.
  • Training is offered throughout Australia and Internationally.

Costs involved:

  • 2-hour staff training session for carers = $990 (not incl. GST).
  • Managerial staff sessions:
    • Half-day workshop — 3 hours = $1,490 (not incl. GST).
    • Extended workshop — 4 hours = $1,990 (not incl. GST).
    • Full day workshop — 6 hours = $2,990 (not incl. GST).
  • As a part of your training package, I can also review your policy on elder abuse to make sure it is up to date and comprehensive.   This is at no charge to the facility.
  • Agencies are also encouraged to consult with this trainer on incidents by phone at any time.
  • I always work with the management and am as flexible as possible with costs and additional considerations.
  • Agencies are encouraged to include other entities in their area to participate in this training.