Sexuality - Residential Care Professionals

Managerial Training and Staff Training

Sexuality Issues


Managerial training covers the big-picture issues:

  • Definitions of sexuality and its many forms with real examples.
  • Mandates and responsibilities for Managers, Chief Executive Officers and Directors of Nursing.
  • Considerations of approaches to sexuality issues.
  • Policy and procedure recommendations in regard to sexuality issues.
  • Future considerations on sexuality for the residential care workplace and residents’ needs.
  • Legal issues, liability issues, media concerns, duty of care issues, and grey area issues re sexuality.
  • Dealing with Quality & Compliance & Accreditation in regard to sexuality and sexual abuse incidents.

Staff training includes the following:

  • Definitions of sexuality issues with real-life examples from residential care settings here in Australia.
  • Considerations of the legal definitions and mandates of consent in the criminal law.
  • Examples and case studies of sexuality within residential care facilities for review.
  • Reporting mechanisms under the Protection Bill 2007 - when to report, how to report, grey areas in reporting on sexual abuse incidents.
  • Future considerations on sexuality for the residential care workplace and the changing workplace for staff as well as residents.

Training considerations:

  • Sessions for residential care staff are usually in 2-hour increments to cater to your staffing schedules and availability.
  • Managerial sessions are done in 1-hour training blocks.
  • As long as your venue can hold the attendees, there are no mximum limits on attendees.
  • Handouts are given to all attendees.
  • Professional Development Points are applicable.
  • My requirements as a trainer are simple:  a whiteboard and DVD player.
  • My training to staff and managers is very interactive, composed of real stories, not boring dot-point lectures.   I use media reports and actual incidents.
  • Please refer to my biography for information on my background and credentials.   I have trained community care, acute care, residential care staff and managers throughout Australia since 2001 as well as specialised groups like solicitors, law enforcement, pastoral care, counsellors, volunteers, etc.
  • Training is offered Australia-wide.

Costs involved:

  • 2-hour staff training session = $990 (not inl. GST).
  • 1-hour managerial session = $550 (not incl. GST).
  • As a part of your training package, I can also review your policy on elder abuse to make sure it is up to date and comprehensive.   This is at no charge to the facility.
  • I also offer as a part of the training package to the management the ability to consult with me on sexuality related cases on a 24-hour basis.   This is at no charge to the facility.
  • I always work with the management and am as flexible as possible with costs and additional considerations.