Introducing Lillian

Lillian JeterLillian Jeter is a former police Lieutenant who served as a law enforcement officer for almost 25 years with the Charleston Police Department, South Carolina, United States of America.
As a Crime Prevention Sergeant in the 1980s, Lillian uncovered a case of elder abuse and neglect that changed the community's whole perspective on the mistreatment of the elderly.   She made the first arrest for elder abuse and neglect in the State of South Carolina in 1985 – a precedent that was soon to be followed around the United States.
Having viewed the absolute worst scenarios of "carers" abusing their aged family members to the brink of death, Lillian was instrumental in developing policies, conducting training for law enforcement & related service professionals, initiating changes in elder & criminal law, and establishing multi-disciplinary task forces to combat elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation not only at the community level, but also the state and federal levels.
After moving to Australia in 2000, Lillian was a co-founder of the Elder Abuse Prevention Association and was the Association's inaugural Executive Director from 2001 until her return to the USA in 2011.
Now located south of Wilmington in North Carolina, USA, Lillian is a speaker and workshop presenter in elder abuse issues.

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